The Systems With Intelligence Value

We are committed to providing high reliability video monitoring and visualization of your remote industrial sites.

Maximize process, performance and stakeholder investments:

  • Deploy personnel safely and prevent injuries to employees and public
  • Ensure operational procedures are being followed
  • Prevent theft and damage to assets
  • Thermal asset monitoring to keep systems running efficiently


How We Provide It:


SCADA operators that are busy monitoring process systems don’t need another screen that gets lost in the shuffle. Video Automation takes the manual work out of the monitoring process to detects events, monitor temperatures and send alerts when operator attention is required. Operators remain focussed while the video monitoring system keeps an eye on the remote sites.



Increase speed and reliability while reducing the strain on network resources. Analytics processing and storage is done at the edge of the network, closest to the data sources. The system automatically triggers alarms and notifications to the control center. Edge computing shortens the path to the operator and eliminates the need for constant streaming video.



Operators that are accustomed to a familiar HMI will be quicker and more responsive to finding issues in the system. Monitoring asset temperatures and receiving video alerts in the same SCADA interface means less training and that nothing will be missed.



Monitoring systems installed at remote sites need to operate reliably. Its not easy to troubleshoot, repair or replace equipment that could be installed at a site hours away in a harsh environment. Our equipment is designed to provide highly reliable and maintenance free operation so customers can remain focussed on their operations.



Every remote site is different from the layout, terrain and climate to the type of equipment being monitored and the network architecture. Our professional services team is there from the design and specification of the system through to the commissioning, training and support.


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