Dual Vision Substation Camera


A dual camera provides users with both a thermal a visual view of remote sites and assets. Users can program the camera to patrol around to different locations to monitor assets for temperature readings and visualization. Readings are stored in the DVS database for analysis and input into condition based maintenance programs.

Continuous thermal monitoring systems are able to anticipate, detect, and respond rapidly to problems, thereby reducing the chance of failures, outages and lost productivity. Detection of temperature increases in substation equipment with thermal monitoring cameras allows preventative maintenance operations before an unplanned outage occurs due to asset failure.

The Systems With Intelligence thermal monitoring solution includes a substation hardened digital video server (DVS) that digitally records video from multiple cameras and incorporates a suite of sophisticated video and thermal analytic algorithms for detection of anomalies. The DVS includes software tools for video monitoring and analysis, features flexible networking capabilities and provides automated alarm and event notification.

Dual infrared and visual camera
Pan/Tilt/Zoom mount
Utility grade specifications
Thermal analytics
IP66 rated for outdoor installations
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