The Oil and Gas industry has operational facilities that are faced with security threats to infrastructure at remote sites, requirements to increase asset utilization and efficiency, safety and rising operating costs. The misoperation of equipment at these facilities can have long lasting environmental and economic effects. Whether monitoring refineries, pipelines or platforms, real-time visualization and automated monitoring provides operators with information that allows them to make critical decisions and take actions to ensure the facility remains safe and operational at peak efficiency.

Safety for the operators, the public and the environment is a major concern in the oil and gas industry. Video monitoring provides visual confirmation that the site is safe for operators to enter and work in. Video monitoring can confirm that procedures are being followed and the machinery is operating correctly. Video recordings can be archived for future review and training purposes.

The facilities are often in environments with combustible and corrosive gases that require cameras to be specially designed and certified to operate in these conditions. Systems With Intelligence provides corrosion proof and explosion proof visual and thermal cameras in fixed and pan/tilt/zoom housings to accommodate any monitoring application in extreme environments.

Video monitoring systems are playing an increasing role in monitoring Oil and Gas sites and these systems have the versatility to be used for a wide range of applications including equipment monitoring, asset management, process automation, safety and security.


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