Whether public or investor owned, electric utility companies are faced with the challenges of increasing the safety and reliability of the electricity supply, while maintaining existing rates. Systems With Intelligence monitoring systems combine thermal and visual imaging technology to provide utilities a unified solution for automated asset monitoring, safety and security that ties into their existing SCADA system.

With sites that are exposed to high levels of electromagnetic interference, electrostatic discharge, voltage dips/surges/interrupts and extremes in weather, it is challenging to design electronic equipment that will operate reliably and with long life. To ensure that equipment can meet these challenges the International Electrotechnical Commission, (IEC), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, (IEEE), have developed standards for equipment that is to operate in electric power environments. These standards are known as IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613. Systems With Intelligence designs its products to meet these standards to ensure reliable operation and immunity to the harsh conditions found in electric power applications.

Connecting remote sites for video monitoring is a challenge for many utilities. The technology and architecture to connect to remote sites with limited bandwidth is part of the Systems With Intelligence solution. Automated monitoring and event notification directly to SCADA reduce both the bandwidth and the manpower required to monitor multiple remote sites.

Utilities are looking to Condition Based Maintenance programs to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Thermal imaging using infrared technology is a cost effective and non-invasive means to monitor assets remotely. It can be done continuously on live systems in all weather and load conditions and provides time-stamped temperature data to provide trending data for use in a Condition Based Maintenance program.

Physical security of substations is required to prevent theft, vandalism and for the safety of the public. Video monitoring is an important part of an overall physical security system and covers requirements of the NERC CIP Physical Security Guidelines that is mandated for utilities deemed to be part of the critical infrastructure. Systems With Intelligence solutions are designed to provide substation grade video monitoring with low bandwidth connections to remote sites.


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