Harsh industrial environments and mission critical applications require specialized hardware components and packaging in addition to software designed with reliability in mind. Design requirements for equipment used in harsh environments are more rigorous that that of commercial grade equipment and while technology that is not designed for the industrial environments may work initially, but over time and under stress from the conditions present will eventually prove unreliable and likely fail. These environments require video monitoring equipment that is significantly more robust and which contains specialized components that are less susceptible to failure and which can compensate for less than ideal conditions to ensure that the system remains operational and reliable.

In the past, end users have either relied upon adopting commercial grade solutions for industrial applications or relying on system integrators to bring together different pieces (some hardened, some not) for a “custom” solution for the particular installation. Both types of solutions result in a suboptimal performance resulting in increased installation and maintenance costs, reduced reliability, and more frequent occurrences of false alarms in automated surveillance. Equipment designed specifically for harsh environments is required.

As such Systems With Intelligence has designed and developed video monitoring solutions specifically for harsh environments. We design, manufactures, and supply intelligent video solutions for industries and applications.


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