Monitoring a site on a temporary basis is often required during initial construction or renovation. These sites are likely targets for theft and vandalism since the physical security measures are not yet in place. Additionally, the power and communications infrastructure to connect a monitoring system are not available making the sites vulnerable.

Temporary monitoring can also be used to detect trouble spots that are difficult to find as system load and weather changes over the course of a day or week. Continuous thermal monitoring can detect failing joints, splices, connections, insulators and load imbalances as excessive heat is given off. The hot spots may not be evident until periods of high load or specific weather conditions coincide and only continuous monitoring would detect the intermittent conditions.

Temporary mobile monitoring is done with a self-powered system that communicates wirelessly over a cellular network. The solar power unit comes with a battery backup and power management system to keep it running 24 by 7. A fully featured system has visual and thermal cameras, storage and analytics to automate the monitoring process and can be customized to suit any site and application. Automated alerts can be sent to the control center for further attention and action.