Mobile Integrated Video Surveillance

Systems With Intelligence MV1000 gives you visual access to your remote site 24/7. The solution turns video cameras into smart devices that can analyze the events being recorded and determine if an alert needs to be sent. This provides a cost-effective solution that minimizes the need for monitoring, reduces bandwidth and requires minimal IT.

Smart surveillance gives you the information you need to make effective decisions:

Intrusion Detection
Thermal and visual asset monitoring

Events are no longer missed since they are recorded and stored on site for post event analysis and summarization.


The Systems With Intelligence mobile solution communicates through the cellular network to the control center and SCADA systems. The solution has low power requirements and can be paired with solar or shore power with battery backup for remote applications.

A self-contained trailer mounted unit includes an independent power system, Systems With Intelligence DVS2500, cameras and other accessories for a comprehensive portable site security solution. The MV1000 provides integrated site management:

24/7 video monitoring from remote sites with real-time event notification
Secure, locking equipment compartments
Digital I/O to control lights, alarms and other devices on site
Standalone solar power with battery backup



Advanced video analytics automate site monitoring
24/7 real-time event notifications when a user-defined rule has been triggered
 Solar or shore power options
3G/4G router for cellular connectivity
Portable, easy to setup and operate
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